12 Apr

Chat GPT: Boosting Customer Interactions

Chat GPT is another classic example of Generative AI, developed by Open AI to improve customer experiences by providing instant personalized help at any time. Chat GPT can enhance customer experiences and thus drive business expansion by responding to multiple queries simultaneously, operating 24/7, and adapting to individual discern. In addition, it offers technical support services; works collaboratively with humans; and learns from them which increases workplace productivity along with satisfactory work deployment. Companies that want streamlined operations complimented by a great customer experience would do well to use OpenAI’s enterprise-grade variant: ChatGPT Enterprise which provides more secureness, better privacy options, and increased functionality.

Natasha from Builder.AI: Easing Software Development

Sachin Dev Duggal, founder of, introduced Natasha, an AI assistant, as a game-changer in app development. Natasha is an innovative product manager using breakthrough AI technology solutions to assist companies with customization software development processes while making it easier for them. Natasha accompanies firms through their software production process right from the idea creation stage through app designing till the apps become live. She can understand prompts or actively listen as she forms part of the assembly line in developing software applications. With Building Blocks by Builder.AI integrated into her system, she enables easier creation by converting spoken words into user stories and application code with human customizations thus resulting in quicker creations. Sachin Dev Duggal states, ‘Her ability to communicate, understand, and act makes her different from other tools which is why she is loved by many organizations who would want to stay ahead of the competition in this fast digital era.’

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